"Steam ahead, make new ideas happen!"

The Cyprus Germany Business Association


Eight Board Members of the Cyprus Germany Business Association and Alexandros Ioannou, representative of CCCI and assigned to our Association, very successfully concluded a retereat brainstorming event with the facilitation and under the guidance of Mrs Muriel Matta, Founder of Maravilhosa and Certified Practitioner in Cultural Transformation.

Muriel motivated us to highest performance, successfully completing the brainstorming event in only 1,5 days, compared with the normal period of 4-5 days. A big thanks to Muriel, and a big bravo to the participating Board members and to Alexandros!

Our Cyprus Germany Business Association is now the first bilateral business association in Cyprus which laid the theoretical and programmatic ground for its future activities.

Participating Board Members, standing, from left to right: Beate Christeleit, Melany Nicolaou,
Ivanka Pittelkau, Capt. Eberhard Koch, Stefan Nolte, Marios Loucaides, and in the first row
from left to right: Jochen Niemann and Michael Pnevmaticos. 

Our Association's Vission. Missons, Startegic Objectives and Values are defined as following:

Our Vision:

"To safeguard and enhance the image of Cyprus and Germany, create meaningful cooperation, become influential in the policy of public interest which we represent and provide professional and educational support to our members and the public."

Our Missions:

"We want to create awareness of the Association while bringing people together, adding value to our members and enhancing business relationships."

Our Values:

"Commitment, Respect, Trust, Transparency and Creativity".

Our Strategic Objectives for the next two years:

  1. Promote Cyprus and Germany and increase awareness for both countries and their values;

  2. Improve cooperation and commitment between members;

  3. Thrive for the success of the Association and its members by sharing best practices;

  4. Foster relationships through interactive communication and dialogue.


And, as a surprise outcome, we also created our slogan:

"Steam ahead, make new ideas happen!"


 Please also view our press release about the brainstorming and its outcome, in English and Greek language.