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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


On its last Board Meeting on 28.11.2017, prior to the CGBA Networking Reception, the Board of CGBA formed 6 Extended Board Committees in order to intensify its work and output.

The Extended Board Committees ("EBC") will meet upon mutual arrangements as necessary to carry out their responsibilities.

Important note to all CGBA Members: The meetings of the Extended Board Committees are open for all ordinary Members of the CGBA!
All CGBA Members are invited to participate in any of the committee of their interest.

Please send us an email (stefan.nolte@cyprus-germany.org.cy) if you are interested to participate in one of the below listed Extended Board Committees, and you will be informed about the committee's meetings.

The Board of CGBA formed the following Extended Board Committees:

Extended Board Committee Members
Social Media and Website Committee
Is responsible for CGBA Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and for CGBA website
- Michael Pnevmaticos
This committee needs one or two more members!
Press Relation Committee
Is responsible for the media relations of CGBA, press releases, press breakfasts etc.
- Anthony Ashiotis
- Marios Loucaides
Local Events Committee
Is responsible for organising e.g. quarterly speaker events, networking receptions etc.
- Beate Christeleit
- Ivanka Pittelkau
- Melany Nicolaou
Memberships Committee
Is responsible for attracting new members, keeping membership lists updated etc.
- Eberhard Koch
- Georg von Oppen
- Jochen Niemann
Committee for International Cooperation
Is responsible for cooperation with related organisations in Germany and elsewhere (DIHK, IHKs, AHK Athens, etc.)
- Dirk Fry
- Marios Loucaides
- Stefan Nolte
Tourism Committee
Is responsible for activities related to the further development of German tourism to Cyprus
- Beate Christeleit
- George Michaelides (perhaps)